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Graphic identity for Excavation – a made up archeology museum. The museum showcases a wide variety of artifacts from different eras, and displays them together under recurring themes (artifacts having to do with: death, religion, warfare..). Excavation also publishes a bi annual archeology magazine under the same name.

The graphic Identity is inspired by primitive symbolism, ancient Greek art and art deco and is meant to showcase the eclectic nature of the museum’s exhibits and the new visual worlds that can be created through the museum’s unique curation process. Each exhibition category is coded with its own color and symbol that are used throughout the identity.

A custom “Museum Typeface” was made for the Identity.

  1. virguleauchocolat posted this

I'm a French art director. You will find typography, graphic design and nice pics. I try to show something different and original. My influence come from various mediums and artists like Eric Rohmer, Monsieur Truffaut :-), Joseph Szabo, Guy Bourdin, Herb Luballin and many other. I hope you'll enjoy, discover and get inspired by my blog.